It is possible export data from a specific device for a specific time period. You can either choose to download the exported file as a .csv (for Excel) or as a .JSON file.

To export data from a device/CityProbe to a file, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click on a CityProbe

  3. Click on 'Open Device' in the slide-in panel to the left

  4. Click on Export Data in the menu to the left

  5. Choose Start and End date in the to date selector

  6. Click on CSV or JSON to choose the desired file format

  7. Click on Download

Depending on the chosen time period, the export may take a while to complete. Please have patience while the file is being exported and made available for download.

Description of exported values

To get a description of each exported value, please refer to this table:

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