CityFlow is an online dashboard, which aggregates relevant city planning data with data from devices/sensors in the city to provide the grand overview of the urban environment in real-time.

The CityFlow tools aid city planning, environmental monitoring and ressource management departments in finding efficient and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by many cities around the world.

An Intuitive Overview of the City's Data in Real-time

The dashboard allows the user to aggregate, compare, analyse and visualise data from multiple sources through rich visualisations and engaging interactions. Data is displayed as reports, visualisations/charts or as layers in a map of the city as is done in a Geographical Information System (GIS). Heat map layers can be mapped directly on top of the neighbourhoods.

CityFlow can also be configured to control smart city devices in the city autonomously or semi-autonomously (under development).

Say goodbye to endless time series graphs; with CityFlow, you get an intuitive overview in real-time. Slide through time and experience historic events unfold, providing a whole new dimension of the city.

Hardware Agnostic Platform

Add data from your own Smart City devices

CityFlow is a hardware agnostic platform. Your organisation’s own smart city devices can be added to the platform to allow for visualisations and comparisons of data derived from hardware produced by different vendors.

Data can be static, periodically updated or live-streamed.

Add data from CityProbe devices

If you don't have Smart City devices today or if you need low-cost small form factor environmental sensors that can be placed throughout the city, look into CityProbe. With 8 integrated sensors, a solar panel and global wireless connectivity, CityProbe 2 is the ultimate starting point for the smart city. No existing infrastructure is needed - simply deploy throughout the city, and watch the data flow into CityFlow.

Simple Setup and Device Discovery

CityFlow has automatic device discovery, meaning that whether you install a new CityProbe or a custom device that was configured to send data to CityFlow, it will automatically appear on your user account as a newly discovered device. Simply confirm, assign it a location and watch the data flow in immediately and in real-time.

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